Charlotte Thaarup

Mindfulness Consultant and Facilitator

Charlotte Thaarup-Owen, Dip Mediation (London University), DipArtThy (London University) MBSR, MBEAT, CBMT.

Director The Mindfulness Clinic is an internationally experienced clinical mindfulness consultant and transformative educator

Charlotte Thaarup is one of the pioneers of Mindfulness within Australia, having trained hundreds of psychologists in Mindfulness, many businesses leaders, as well as individuals from all walks of life. Her ‘Mindfulness@Work’ program, and her ‘Mindful Leadership program’ are some of the first corporate mindfulness programs within Australia. She has had a particular focus on leadership for women and diversity in general and has run many Mindful Leadership programs specifically for women.

Charlotte has over 20 years experience in facilitating change and personal and interpersonal development as well as leadership training and 360 feedback. For the past ten years she has been facilitating Mindfulness as retreats, workshops and coaching. She is also contributing to Newcastle University’s new Executive MBA with Mindful Leadership. She contributes to academic writing and teaching on Mindfulness.

Charlotte is often described as the real deal, beautifully balancing corporate needs with science and the ancient practice of mindfulness. Charlotte leaves the audience with tools and ways to integrate mindfulness into their day to day lives both personally and professionally.

List of current Speaking Topics (these can also be run as programs for as many hours as you like!):

  • Finding Calm in the Midst of Chaos
  • Mindfully Leading from the Middle
  • Mindful Leadership
  • Leading for Mental Health
  • Mindful Leadership for Women
  • Mindfulness for inclusion
  • Mindfulness@Work
  • Mindful Teams
  • Dear Body: Change your relationship with food, eating and your body!
  • Managing Anxiety with Mindfulness
  • Creating a Healthy Proactive Workplace Culture with Mindfulness
  • Radical Ownership
  • The Difficult Conversation made Simple
  • Imposter Syndrome and our way out of it
  • Self care, a social responsibility
  • Is positive psychology sabotaging your happiness?

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