Annette Adams - Accredited Trainer/Assessor

Annette Adams is one of our expert trainers in training and assessment TAE and in desktop applications including Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Newcastle born and bred, Annette is a vocational training and education specialist with more than 30 years’ experience working as a trainer as well as in strategic learning and development roles and compliance roles for organisations.

Annette is passionate about workforce development.

Her approach to training and running workshops is always “more them, less me”.

“I see my self as a facilitator not a teacher and my training is always learner centred and interactive.”

“When I am running desktop application workshops I don’t just teach commands; I help participants understand how the program works. If you know why things are the way they are then it is easier to continue to teach yourself about a program.”

Annette has a range of diploma qualifications including in TAE, project management and management. She is currently studying a Masters in Human Resource Management and Business Administration at the University of Newcastle.