Locked Down but Skilled Up in Emotional Intelligence

More than 90 people impacted by COVID-19 lockdowns took advantage of fully subsidised leadership training, thanks to support from NSW Training Services.

Last month, Forsythes Training ran four public workshops and two industry dedicated workshops in emotional intelligence.

Forsythes Training director, Julie Carroll, said people came from a range of sectors including hospitality (motels, cafes, restaurants), travel, hairdressing, local government, and retail.

Managing Director of The Junction Hotel, Rolly de With, put some of his leadership team through the workshop. Rolly said they got a lot of from the day.

“Being self-aware and understanding of people’s thinking and behaviours is vital in our industry,” Rolly said.

“Having access to this training during lockdown was very beneficial,” he said.

Using Forsythes Training’s virtual classroom made the training COVID safe. The workshop covers a unit of competency from the, nationally accredited, Diploma in Leadership and Management.

Funding to provide the training came from NSW Training Services’ Locked Down Skill Up program. The NSW Government program is part of its COVID-19 support for industry.

What participants said about the training

Julie said participants enjoyed the virtual classroom experience.

“Training is more effective when delivered in real time by a qualified trainer. ZOOM allows us to incorporate usual training tools such as break out groups, role plays, real time feedback and questions,” she said.

One participant said “I thought the program was delivered online without any sense of compromise in the translation to digital format.

“Did not think this would work well in an online session, but found this really useful,” said another.

Julie said participants found the workshop practical and immediately applicable to their workplace. Here’s some of their learnings and feedback.

“Understanding how my values and beliefs impact the way I respond to people.”

“Reflecting on your actions during times of frustration is so important”

“Being aware of others through their emotions and body language is essential.”

“I liked the shared role play the best and sharing experiences and questions.”

“Definitely helped me to see what my strengths and weaknesses are and what areas need improving.”

“I now have some strategies moving forward to improve my emotional intelligence.”

“Really interesting program – a lot to think about and really helpful with generating achievable outcomes.”

The benefits of Emotional Intelligence training

Julie said emotional intelligence is a vital skill for team leaders and managers.

“Having the ability to be self-aware and to self-regulate actually helps you to better interact with people and to recognise emotions in yourself and in others.”

“Emotionally intelligent people know their strengths and challenges and how to better motivate people to achieve outcomes.”

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