Microsoft Publisher 2013/2016

This course has been mapped against the learning outcomes and performance criteria for the Unit of Competency:

BSBITU309 Produce desktop published documents from the Certificate III in Business

Successful completion of this course and the required assessments leads to a Statement of Attainment.

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Training Location: 9 Denison St, Newcastle West
Training Format: Workshop/Classroom
Duration: 1 Day
Course Fee: $385.00 This course is GST free

General Description

The skills and knowledge acquired in Microsoft Publisher 2013/2016 are sufficient to be able to create publications such as flyers, newsletters and labels.


Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course you should be able to:

  • work with the basic features of Publisher
  • create a new publication
  • understand concepts essential to the use of Publisher
  • understand how to work with text
  • understand different techniques for working with text
  • insert building blocks into a publication
  • insert and modify shapes
  • insert and modify pictures
  • create, use and modify a table
  • create publications based on different layout and design options
  • use master pages effectively
  • conduct and customise a mail merge
  • create a catalogue merge
  • save and share a publication in several different ways
  • find the information you need in Help


Microsoft Publisher 2013/2016 assumes little or no knowledge of the software. However, it would be beneficial to have a general understanding of personal computers and the Windows operating system environment.


Getting Started With Publisher

Understanding Publisher 2013/2016
Starting Publisher in Windows 10
Understanding the Start Screen
Creating a New Blank Publication
The Publisher 2013/2016 Screen
How Publisher 2013/2016 Works
Using the Ribbon
Showing and Collapsing the Ribbon
Understanding the Backstage View
Accessing the Backstage View
Understanding the Status Bar
Exiting Safely From Publisher

Your First Publication

Tips for Planning a Publication
Understanding Different Types of Publications
Adding and Editing Business Information
Creating a Publication From a Template
The Save As Place
The Save As Dialog Box
Saving a New Publication on Your Computer
Inserting Text
Formatting Text
Using Undo and Redo
Saving an Existing Publication
Previewing a Publication
Printing a Publication
Safely Closing a Publication

Working With a Publication

The Open Place
The Open Dialog Box
Opening an Existing Publication
Using the Pages Navigation Pane
Working With Layouts
Zooming and Panning
Inserting Pages
Naming Pages
Moving Pages
Deleting Pages

Working With Text

Creating a Text Box
Modifying a Text Box
Importing Text
Checking Spelling
Selecting Text
Applying Colour to Text
Creating WordArt
Formatting WordArt
Text Effects

Text Techniques

Text Columns
Linking Text Boxes
Drawing Text Boxes Accurately
Text Box Margins
Wrapping Text
Aligning Text
Using Baseline Guides
Paragraph Spacing
Creating Bulleted Lists
Creating Numbered Lists
Creating Text Styles
Applying a Text Style
Modifying a Text Style

Building Blocks

Inserting Page Parts
Inserting Calendars
Inserting Borders and Accents
Inserting Advertisements

Working With Shapes

Drawing and Inserting Shapes
Selecting Shapes
Resizing Shapes
Moving Shapes
Aligning Shapes
Grouping Shapes
Changing Fill
Drawing Lines
Deleting Shapes

Working With Pictures

Inserting Pictures
Inserting Online Pictures
Using the Scratch Area
Swapping Pictures
Picture Formatting and Effects
Cropping Pictures
Inserting a Caption

Working With Tables

Inserting Tables
Entering Text in a Table
Adjusting Rows and Columns
Applying Table Styles
Using Fills and Tints
Using Sample Fill Colour

Design and Layout

Page Orientation
Understanding Page Sizes
Creating Envelopes
Creating Labels
Creating Folded Cards
Changing Margin Guides
Creating Grid Guides
Creating Ruler Guides
Using Guides
Using Colour Schemes
Using Font Schemes
Creating a Fill Background
Creating an Image Background

Master Pages

Understanding Master Pages
Using a Master Page
Inserting Headers
Inserting Footers
Inserting Page Numbers
Using a Two Page Master
Creating Additional Master Pages
Using Multiple Master Pages

Mail Merge

Creating a Data Source
Creating a Mail Merge Publication
Showing Merge Results
Sorting a Merge
Filtering Data
Merge Printing
Clearing a Filter

Catalogue Merge

Understanding the Merge Area
Creating a Product List
Selecting a Merge Area Layout
Inserting Text Fields
Formatting Text Fields
Inserting Picture Fields
Previewing and Modifying a Catalogue Merge
Merging to a New Publication

Saving and Sharing

Sending a Publication as an Email
Changing the File Type
Saving for Photo Printing
Saving for a Commercial Printer
Saving for Another Computer

Getting Help

Understanding How Help Works
Accessing the Help Window
Navigating the Help Window
Using Google to Get Help