Good careers in training and assessment

If you like helping people to gain new skills, then a role as a trainer and assessor could be for you.

You’ll need to be good at imparting information as well as a good observer with an eye for detail. Many organisations have trainers and assessors so their people are skilled at doing a certain procedure or operating a certain piece of equipment. In some industries such as mining, these roles are regulatory requirements.

This means there’ll continue to be roles for people in developing and assessing skills across industries. Training and assessment is a good, long-term career option.

New training and assessment (TAE) qualifications

There is a new qualification for people working or wanting to work as enterprise and Registered Training Organisation (RTO) trainers and assessors.

The qualification is essential for roles including:

  • enterprise trainer
  • enterprise assessor
  • RTO trainer
  • RTO assessor
  • training adviser or training needs analyst
  • vocational education teacher.

Latest training and assessment competencies and skills

This qualification gives you the latest assessment competencies according to industry requirements. Skills to plan, prepare, deliver, assess and improve vocational training. The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) made changes to previous qualifications and course providers to ensure they are of the quality required so Australia has a workforce with the right skills.

Entry requirements

There are entry requirements for this qualification. You need to show vocational competency in your teaching and assessing. That includes completing a survey and allowing the trainer to contact your employer to verify your role. There are other options if you’re not working in these roles.

More information

Forsythes Training was one of Australia’s first training organisations to be accredited to deliver new TAE40116 courses. It has courses for new trainers and assessors as well as courses for people with older TAE qualifications needing to upgrade their skills. Book online now or talk to one of our experts today on (02) 4708 9542.

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