COVID-19: Whitehaven Coal uses virtual classroom to maintain critical training

Whitehaven Coal is Forsythes Training’s first mining sector client to move to virtual classroom training to allow it to continue its vital TAE40116 training.

Eight staff from Whitehaven completed their three-day TAE industry training skill set this week. The staff were scheduled for face to face training but COVID-19 lockdowns & restrictions meant the training was moved to ZOOM to bring all staff together with the trainer from their various sites.

The TAE training is essential for the mining company’s Order 34 compliance.

Forsythes Training has been using ZOOM to deliver online and virtual classroom training since the start of the pandemic. CEO Chad White said mining companies had preferred to, and been able to, continue face to face training until the latest restrictions.

“We have been able to lock in and maintain Whitehaven’s critical training schedule into next year, meaning no interruptions or re-scheduling for both companies,” Chad said.

“We congratulate Whitehaven for embracing the technology and approach,” he said.

“We modified our approach with the participants using paper-based assessments and participant guides whilst interacting with the trainer through the virtual classroom technology.”

Whitehaven’s Group Training Specialist Damien Roman the mining company is keeping the mental health and wellbeing of its staff and contractors at the forefront of its reactive plans throughout the challenging times of COVID restrictions and lockdowns.

“Having the ability to continue with our training programs has gone a long way to maintain a positive environment for our people,” Damien said.

Damien said the feedback from staff had been very positive.

“It’s been far more engaging than I thought.

“We are still able to do whiteboard activities, break out rooms, group work and get individual feedback.”

“I was initially hesitant due to my computer skills but I’m enjoying the program it works!”

Forsythes Training can deliver training for mining companies and other clients via virtual classroom ZOOM. This includes critical training such as TAE40116, maintenance of competence and safety and leadership courses.

Chad said unlike other one way online training using recorded webinars, Forsythes Training’s virtual classroom means participants are still interacting with a trainer and each other as they would in a face to face environment.

“This is essential to maximise learning outcomes and participant enjoyment of their training.”

“It’s awesome when our clients from various industries work with us to use technology to provide a training solution for their business and their workforce.”

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