Industry experience key to Komatsu project management training success.

When Komatsu’s Director of Operations, Soft Rock, Collin Slattery, was looking for expertise in project management training he was impressed by the industry experience of Forsythes Training’s expert trainers.

Collin says it was that experience, in addition to its customisation of the training to Komatsu’s internal processes, that saw Forsythes Training get the job over other local trainers.

He says Komatsu has experienced project managers but there was an opportunity to improve the firm’s project management capability. 11 staff members from Queensland, the Southern Highlands and the Hunter came together to complete the Diploma in Project Management.

“We wanted to realign everyone to best practice project management methodologies and align our internal processes and procedures,” Collin says.

“Because we have different people working in different states, people start to work differently,” he says.

We wanted to bring our project managers together and equip them with the latest project management tools.

Forsythes Trainings’ expert trainer in leadership and project management, Trevor Pennifold, impressed Collin with his depth of industry experience as well as his ability to relate theory and tools back to Komatsu’s systems and processes.

Collin says the staff members reported that they found the course very beneficial and learned a lot from Trevor’s industry experience – the theory as well as how it is being applied across industries.

“Our staff were able to take the class learnings directly into practice in the workplace.”

“Making training that relatable means it very relevant and effective.”

“I would recommend Forysthes Training for project management training.”

Komatsu is a global manufacturing powerhouse providing equipment for the mining, industrial and forestry industries as well as maximising value for customers through innovative solutions.

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