Global Miner Turns To Forsythes Training To Implement TAE16

With around 550 appointed trainers and assessors across two sites, a NSW mine within a global mining company needs professional support to meet its training and assessment (TAE) requirements.

The mine’s Training and Development Specialist has used Forsythes Training to update and maintain the skill sets of around 100 of those trainers and assessors over the past 18 months.

He says the training is essential for quality and safety but it is also a legislative requirement on two counts. Under the mine’s Order 34 requirements, all trainers and assessors must have units of competency from a nationally endorsed training provider.

Forsythes Training is a great local company that helps us deliver a quality program with a high level of contextualisation

The training is delivered on site. Forsythes Training’s expert trainer Di Sweeney comes in for high praise.

“Di has made it her business to knows our business really well.”

“She has a great ability to work with all our staff who span a wide range in ages.”

“Our guys don’t often like to be indoors in a classroom but they pay attention to Di; she keeps them engaged because she makes the training highly relevant to their roles.”

With TAE 16 coming into operation the mine has again turned to Forsythes Training. It was one of the first registered training organisations to be accredited to deliver TAE 16.

“It is not an easy process. There is a lot work to do to meet the requirements of TAE 16 and Forsythes Training has been fantastic in helping us develop a new package.

Chad (Forsythes Training CEO) and Di have sat down with us to really understand what we want to do, they are very accommodating of our needs and time frames.

He says one of the things they will do again is break the training into two sections; this time with a slightly longer duration.

“With our rostering system this approach is not so disruptive to the business.”

“Equally importantly, it will make for more effective training because, between the sessions, workers will go and do practical implementation of the first session under an assessor and then come back for further training.”

“I have heard other training providers saying to other clients that TAE 16 is too hard and unattainable but with the help of Forsythes we will be proving them wrong.”

“The TAE training from Forsythes Training gives our staff really important foundations which they can adapt to wherever they are in the business and this is becoming increasingly important given the way the mining industry is changing.

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