Case Study: Fit For Purpose TAE Skills Sets Delivered For Glencore

In the transition from TAE 10 to TAE 16 an additional burden of time has been imposed for mining companies to have trainers and assessors trained in the TAE competencies in a practical and effective time frame says Glencore Coal Assets Australia Training and Development Manager Doug Kennedy.

Updating the skill sets or qualifications is essential for maintenance of competency purposes and to meet the legislative requirements for the states in which we operate.

While some roles within our organisation are required to complete the full new Certificate IV qualification or do upgrade courses, for many of the hundreds of trainers and assessors Doug says a condensed skill set training package is all that is needed.

Forsythes Training has worked with Glencore to identify the competency needs of workplace trainers and assessors and condense the skill set to two units of competency that is being delivered at a number of the NSW operations.

Glencore have undertaken a detailed review of the role of our trainers and assessors and facilitated an internal change management process to adapt to the necessary skill set

“It is widely recognised that the revised TAE 16 is not necessarily fit for purpose for the mining sector but we now have an appropriate skill set that can be delivered in a practical and appropriate timeframe,” he says.

Doug says Forysthes Training’s team have been instrumental in assisting with the contextualisation of a range of accredited courses and programs that are delivered across our Australian coal assets, to make them more relevant and effective.

“We have standardised many elements of our safety and health management systems so that means that whether we are talking about risk or incident investigation or work planning we want the training to align with our way of doing things.

“Forsythes focus on ensuring we maintain the ability to accredit our contextualised programs which we feel is a best practice arrangement”

The Forsythes trainers deliver quality training outcomes, I pay close attention to the training evaluations and our site based feedback and they do a very good job.

“With the help of an organisation such as Forsythes Training you can establish accredited TAE skill sets that are fit for purpose for your business or industry.”

Now is the time to get qualified.

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