Upgrading to Microsoft Office 2010

This course aims to demonstrate the core changes in Microsoft Office 2010 and concentrates on the new features and the changes that are specific to all applications in Microsoft Office 2010.


Area of Learning — Upgrading to Microsoft Office 2010


This course has been developed for existing users of Microsoft Office to become quickly acquainted with the new features and changes in Microsoft Office 2010. It assumes that users are familiar with Microsoft Office applications and can at least create documents, workbooks, or presentations. Some knowledge of working with files and folders in the Windows environment is also assumed.

At Course Completion

  • Personalise and make changes to the Office 2010 user interface
  • Use the help system tools available to you in Office 2010
  • Work with the new file formats found in Microsoft Office 2010
  • Use the more convenient printing settings in Office 2010
  • Share your work with others directly through Office 2010
  • Use the new formatting features found in Office 2010
  • Use the new drawing and illustrating tools in Office 2010

Course Outline

The Office 2010 Interface

  • Understanding The Office 2010 Interface
  • Starting An Office 2010 Application
  • Understanding The Ribbon
  • Using The Ribbon
  • Using Ribbon Key Tips
  • Minimising The Ribbon
  • Understanding The Quick Access Toolbar
  • Launching Dialog Boxes
  • Understanding The Status Bar
  • Understanding The Backstage View
  • Accessing The Backstage View

Personalising The 2010 Interface

  • Understanding Personalising The Interface
  • Showing And Hiding Ribbon Tabs
  • Modifying Ribbon Tabs
  • Creating A New Ribbon Tab
  • Placing Commands On A Tab
  • Organising Commands In A Group
  • Creating More Groups
  • Exporting Your Personalisation Settings
  • Removing A Tab From The Ribbon
  • Importing Personalisations
  • Resetting The Ribbon
  • Adding Commands To The QAT
  • Modifying Commands On The QAT
  • Removing Commands From The QAT
  • Resetting The QAT
  • Customising The Status Bar
  • Advanced Ribbon Customisation

The Office 2010 Help System

  • Understanding The Help System
  • Knowing Your Version And Build
  • Accessing Help In Office 2010
  • Offline Help
  • Help Getting Started With Office 2010
  • Using The Menu To Ribbon Guide
  • Downloading 2003 To 2007 Guides
  • Using The 2003 To 2010 Workbooks
  • Googling Help
  • Accessing Images And Pictures
  • Accessing Online Template

The Office 2010 File System

  • Understanding Office 2010 File Types
  • Opening Files In Office 2010
  • Closing Files In Office 2010
  • Opening Recent Files And Places
  • Recent Files From The Start Menu
  • Understanding File Saving In Office 2010
  • Saving To A Previous Version
  • Saving As Macro Enabled
  • Creating A PDF File
  • Saving To The Web
  • Creating New Files In Office 2010
  • Understanding Templates In Office 2010
  • Understanding Draft Versions
  • Configuring AutoSave
  • Recovering An Unsaved File
  • Managing Versions
  • Accessing File Information

Printing From Office 2010

  • Print Previewing In Office 2010
  • Choosing A Printer
  • Specifying Print Settings
  • Specifying Page Layout Settings
  • Changing Printer Properties

Sharing From Office 2010

  • Understanding Sharing
  • Sending A File As An Attachment
  • Sending A File As A PDF
  • Saving To SkyDrive
  • Protecting Your File Before Sharing
  • Checking For Issues
  • Checking File Accessibility
  • Checking File Compatibility

Formatting In Office 2010

  • Understanding Graphics Formatting
  • Understanding Format Panes
  • Working With The Format Pane
  • Moving The Format Pane
  • Formatting With The Layout Options Button
  • Quickly Formatting Charts


  • Understanding Pictures
  • Inserting A Picture
  • Changing The Picture
  • Removing A Picture Background
  • Correcting Pictures
  • Changing Picture Colouring
  • Applying Artistic Effects
  • Changing Picture Styles
  • Changing Picture Effects
  • Repositioning Pictures
  • The Picture Format Short Cut Menu
  • Changing The Picture Layout

Drawing And Illustrating

  • Modifying Clip Art
  • Inserting Shapes
  • Modifying Shapes
  • Inserting Text Into A Shape
  • Custom Text Wrapping
  • Finding And Selecting Shapes
  • Using A Canvas
  • Inserting Screen Shots
  • Inserting A Screen Clip
  • Understanding SmartArt
  • Creating A SmartArt Image
  • Adding Text To SmartArt
  • Changing The SmartArt Style
  • Changing Colours In A SmartArt Image
  • Changing A SmartArt Layout
  • Adding More Shapes To SmartArt
  • Resizing SmartArt

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