Team Leadership/LEAD Workshop

This is a highly interactive workshop which is designed to provide participants who relieve in a supervisors role or have recently been appointed to a leadership role the skills, confidence and tools to effective lead others.


Area of Learning — Team Leadership/LEAD Workshop

Course Outline

1. Leadership

  • Identifying the skills and behaviours of effective leaders
  • How to develop trust with team members
  • How to use different Leadership styles depending upon the task and the situation
  • Tuckman’s Theory of Team Development

2. Effective Communication

  • Skills and barriers for effective communication
  • Coaching and mentoring skills
  • Dealing with Conflict
  • Managing performance discussions
  • How to provide positive and constructive feedback

3. Awareness (Self Awareness and Situational Awareness)

  • Personal SWOT analysis
  • Identifying “Hot Buttons and triggers”
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • DISC

4. Decision Making

  • Using different Decision Making tools
  • The Team Decision process
  • How to run effective meetings with the team.
  • Development of a Self-Action Plan for the participants to implement back into the work place.


The workshop will be supported realistic role play to assist the participants to practice the skills and tools.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Identifying the skills and behaviours of effective Leaders.
  • Develop skills for effective communciation
  • Develop self awareness and situational awareness
  • Identify tools and develop skills for effective decision making.

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