Mentoring for NSW Open Cut Examiners (OCE) Examinations

Ready to sit your Open Cut Examiners (OCE) oral and written exams? Forsythes Training is offering face-to-face mentoring for those in the final stages of the OCE program. Read on for more information.


Area of Learning — Mentoring for NSW Open Cut Examiners (OCE) Examinations

OCE Examination Mentoring

Do you have staff members who are undertaking the NSW Open Cut Examiners (OCE) written or oral examinations?

Forsythes Training offers expert mentoring to help participants to pass with flying colours.

How OCE exam mentoring can help?

The OCE exams are difficult and have high failure rates. It costs time and money to re-sit examinations.

Many people doing the exams have not studied for these types of exams for some time or at all. They are not used to doing, closed book, written exams in short time periods nor doing oral exams. Our mentor will assess a participant’s abilities and needs and customise mentoring accordingly.

Our OCE exam mentoring helps participants in these ways.

  • Understanding the exam process – knowing what to expect reduces exam nerves and allows you to focus on getting the correct answers down.
  • Effective study methods and techniques – learn ways to get the most of your study time and how to fit it in with work and family life.
  • Reviews of recent exam papers – you can do past exams but how do you know if you are answering correctly?
  • Reviews of legislation and recent incidents – the exams will test your working knowledge of key legislation and regulations as well as your knowledge of safe working procedures and the causes and prevention of mine incidents.
  • Examination tips for success – learn tips to provide the answers examiners are looking for in the right format.

Tailored group mentoring sessions

We currently provide group mentoring as it is cost-effective. It also benefits participants – they learn from the mentor and from each other.

Forsythes Training can customise a mentoring program to suit the needs of your staff – onsite and online mentoring that fits in with rostering.

Expert mentors

Jeff Hanlon knows everything there is to know about the OCE examinations. He’s done the exam himself, has successfully mentored others, and has served on the examinations panel. He has both a NSW Open Cut Mine Manager’s Certificate of Competency and a NSW Open Cut Examiner’s Certificate of Competency.

Jeff has more than 35 years of experience as an engineer and manager in the mining and quarrying industries. That includes working as a Mine Supervisor and a Mine Manager with Australia’s leading mining companies.

Read more about Jeff’s experience.

Other training for the mining and resources sector

Forsythes Training also offers RII40220 Certificate IV in Surface Coal Mining (Open Cut Examiner). This is the prerequisite course for those who have not done a Bachelor of Mining Engineering through an Australian university.

We also provide other nationally recognised, mining and resources qualifications, and other courses, programs, and training plans. Forsythes Training is a one-stop-shop for all your mining training.

Prepare for upcoming Oral Examinations

Please see below options for sites to consider when preparing people for the upcoming Oral Examinations:

  • In the field or classroom
  • 1 on 1 – working with individuals in the field. Can do 4 participants over 4 hours (no disruption to production) or
  • 3 or 4 participants in the classroom – 4 hours
  • 8 participants in the classroom  – 6 hours
  • We suggest sites come together where possible to help bring groups together.

Bookings and more information

To make a booking for OCE exam mentoring, or have questions about any of our mining training, please talk to our expert team on 02 4058 2869 or email training@forsythestraining.com.au

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