Mental Health Workshops

In our Mental Health Workshops you will learn about resilience, stress and the physical and psychological effects of chronic stress plus more.


Area of Learning — Mental Health Workshops

Presented by Caddie Marshall

Caddie Marshall has spent 28 years teaching post-graduate and undergraduate programs for the Faculty of Business and Law and Faculty of Health including Coordinator of Mental Health Literacy and Mental Health First Aid Programs.

Caddie currently lectures into the Master of Business Administration program (Health Services Management) at Federation University Brisbane and works as a casual Registered Mental Health Nurse.

Caddie has been the Director and Manager of a private company involved in organisational training, development and education for 18 years. For the formative years within the company her corporate work was predominantly around leadership, business management conflict resolution, mediation, customer service, strategic planning and communication, with an introduction to Mental Health First Aid in 2008.


Caddie Marshall - She is passionate about the subject area and seeks to make a tangible difference to the way people deal with mental health issues within and outside their workplace.

Caddie Marshall combines her background in business management with her mental health experience to provide workplace and community education and training in these areas.

She has now delivered over 100 MHFA courses across Australia. Topic areas within the mental health and wellness programs generally include stress, mindfulness, performance management, WHS, Mental Health First Aid (Adult and Youth) and resilience.


Presented by Craig Hamilton

Craig started his career as a broadcaster with ABC Radio in 1994.

Since then Craig has covered Rugby League, Rugby Union and Cricket at international level as a commentator.

Craig is probably best known as a member of the “Grandstand” Rugby League commentary team.

Craig was born in the Hunter Valley town of Singleton and spent the first 16 years of his working life working as an underground coalminer in the Newcastle area before embarking on a radio career fulltime in 1999.

In 1991 Craig represented the Newcastle and NSW Country cricket teams, and played against the touring Sri Lankan team.

In the year 2000, just prior to the Sydney Olympic Games where he had been selected to work as a broadcaster, Craig experienced a psychotic episode and was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.

He spent 12 days in hospital and, since his recovery, has become one of Australia’s most high profile speakers on Mental Health ,Lifestyle and Wellbeing .

Craig Hamilton - " Becoming mentally well is often a tough and hard earned battle - one that is not won overnight".

Craig Hamilton is an internationally sought after motivational speaker who tells what it’s like to battle serious mental illness and provides hope and motivation to others.

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