Managerial Leadership

This course teaches participants about organisational leadership and its role in guiding the organisation toward vision fulfilment.


Area of Learning — Managerial Leadership

About this course

Participants will learn how to define an organisation’s vision, draft a vision statement and communicate it, set goals that are aligned with an organisation’s vision, and discuss the importance of planning changes before implementing them.

Program activities also cover providing employees for organisational changes, motivating employees through change, solving problems encountered during change, and helping employees deal with grief and stress during changes.

Participants will also learn how leaders can help employees learn their roles in organisations, align their goals with those of the organisation, and help prevent employee apathy. The manual is designed for quick scanning in the classroom and filled with interactive exercises that help ensure participant success.


Participants who wish to receive a Statement of Attainment can choose to complete a post course assessment. Upon successful completion of the assessment they will be eligible to receive a statement of attainment for the BSBMGT401 Show leadership in the workplace unit of competency.

Who should attend

This course is perfect for anyone who is in a middle leadership or management position within an organisation or those about to be promoted to such a position.

With our mobile training room we can provide this course on-site at your premises.

Course Outline

Element 1: Model high standards of management performance and behaviour

  • Ensure management performance and behaviour meets the organisation’s requirements
  • Ensure management performance and behaviour serves as a positive role model for others
  • Develop and implement performance plans in accordance with organisation’s goals and objectives
  • Establish and use key performance indicators to meet organisation’s goals and objectives

Element 2: Enhance organisation’s image

  • Use organisation’s standards and values in conducting business
  • Question, through established communication channels, standards and values considered to be damaging to the organisation
  • Ensure personal performance contributes to developing an organisation which has integrity and credibility

Element 3: Make informed decisions

  • Gather and organise information relevant to the issue/s under consideration
  • Facilitate individuals and teams active participation in decision making processes
  • Examine options and assess associated risks to determine preferred course/s of action
  • Ensure decisions are timely and communicate them clearly to individuals and teams
  • Prepare plans to implement decisions and ensure they are agreed by relevant individuals and teams
  • Use feedback processes effectively to monitor the implementation and impact of decisions

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Learning Outcomes

At the end of the training participants will be able to:

  • Understand the difference between management and leadership and when to employ which one
  • Consider corporate and/or team vision and its effective use in motivation
  • Utilise strategies learnt to help navigate change to help align current performance to the envisioned outcome

Business benefits include:

  • Encourages managers to reinforce the company vision throughout the company
  • Increases satisfaction of general staff through adequate change management in bridging gaps between current and desired circumstances
  • Encourages leadership and initiative from managers which inspires general staff

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