Learning From Disasters

Forsythes Training and ACIM Solutions have come to deliver the Mandatory Resources Regulator ‘Learning from Disasters’ package.


Area of Learning — Learning From Disasters

About this course

Learning from experience, preventing devastating reoccurrences and improving the health and safety of all those working in the mining industry is a profound way to acknowledge and recognise all those affected by mining incidents throughout history.

An interactive timeline of NSW mining disasters from the late 1800s has been developed to communicate lessons from past disasters and conserve knowledge within the NSW Resources Regulator and the mining industry. The timeline links to further information on a selection of these disasters, including reports of Royal Commissions and other inquiries, newspaper and journal articles, photographs and links to websites.

Who should attend

This course is designed for holders of practising certificates to satisfy their maintenance of competence conduction. This training is targeted to practising certificate holders for any class of mine to satisfy their maintenance of competence requirement (excluding holders restricted to a specific mine site).

Course Schedule


For your convenience we have training scheduled in Mudgee and Singleton. Participants must attend clustered units in a block of consecutive training days.





Practising certificate holders may also choose to undertake seven hours of other formal learning on disasters to satisfy their maintenance of competence requirement.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Recognise recurrent patterns of failure linked to significant work health safety incidents.
  • Understand how identifying and managing a principal hazard links to reducing risk.
  • Recognise the causal role of human and organisational factors and critical factors play in work health and safety incidents.
  • Build an understanding of roles, responsibilities and mechanisms that foster a safe work culture.
  • Identify contemporary risk factors and vulnerabilities in your organisational safety management systems.
  • Develop risk control options and strategies that best manage work, health and safety risks.
Disasters Training Program

After completing this course, you’ll have knowledge and practical skills. Please download the Learning from Disasters Training Program.


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