Associated Non Technical Skills – ANTS

Our Associated Non Technical Skills course teaches Supervisors/Managers to reinforce the associated non-technical skills required for effective leadership. The course has been mapped to the proposed new standards around ANTS for the resources sector


Area of Learning — Associated Non Technical Skills – ANTS

Course Outline

1/ Effective Communication for Leaders

  • Skills for effective Communicators (Brainstorm)
  • The effect of perceptions and filters on the communication process
  • Three activities that allow the participants to focus of effective communication processes and barriers to effective communication with team members (Group and individual activities)
  • Effective Delegation for leaders

2/ Leadership

  • Identifying the Skills and behaviours of effective Leaders (Team Activity)
  • Identifying barriers for effective Leadership (Team Activity and presentation)
  • Four styles of leadership (Situational Leadership)
  • Mentoring Staff
  • Role play using the “4 I’s” approach when dealing with performance and conduct issues
  • Role play on mentoring staff.

3/ Teamwork/Decision Making

  • Team building activities (group and team activities)
  • Identifying the advantages and disadvantages that teams bring to the organisation(Team activity and presentation)
  • Stages of team development
  • Coaching role play (Individual activities)
  • Team Decision making activity (Teams)

4/ Situational Awareness

  • What is situational awareness
  • Strategies to improve situational awareness
  • Quick videos to demonstrate the concept
  • Situational Awareness Case Study/Video

5/ Conflict

  • Understanding Conflict and strategies to deal more effectively with conflict
  • Group activity in relation to the DISC theory (enables participants to understand the strengths and limitations of their behaviour within the workplace and how better to communicate and supervise others in the workplace

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Student Handbook

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