3 hour workshop – Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing

The three hour workshop covers topics relevant to mental health in the workplace often overlooked or misunderstood.


Area of Learning — 3 hour workshop – Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing

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Obligations under Workplace Safety Legislation – Mental Health is as much subject to Occupational Health and Safety as is physical health. With mental illness costing Australian business $11 billion per year in lost productivity and compensation it is imperative that employers, managers and supervisors have a sound understanding of mental health relative to the workplace. Work Injury Damages Claims are usually focused on the alleged negligence of employers with regard to failing to provide protection to employees where risks are or should be known. The Workplace Mental Health & Wellbeing workshop is designed to assist those in managerial roles to build literacy about common mental illnesses to enable them to reduce risk and therefore reduce liability.

Risk Management – Understanding the risk factors for mental illness is essential to the development of risk mitigation practice and procedures. Risk factors exist both at an organisational level and on an individual level. The Workplace Mental Health & Wellbeing workshop identifies those risks to help managers and peers provide extra support for staff at times of increased risk.

Awareness of Signs & Symptoms – Learning the signs and symptoms of mental illness assists in early intervention of unwell or `at risk’ staff. Early intervention can greatly speed up recovery processes thereby reducing the costs associated with workers compensation and lost productivity.

Understanding the signs and symptoms of mental illnesses also reduces ignorance and stigma and promotes a compassionate, empathetic workplace environment.

Promotion of `Help Seeking’ Behaviour – There are many known barriers to employees seeking early help for mental health problems. This workshop identifies common barriers with the intent of breaking them down and promoting a workplace culture that promotes, encourages and supports early help seeking behaviour.

Wellbeing & Resilience – Resilience is not something we are born with it is something we learn. The Workplace Mental Health & Wellbeing workshop `defines’ resilience and teaches wellbeing strategies through a practical demonstration of benefits. Building resilience in employees builds resilience in an organisation. All employees have the potential to be resilient, all they need is to be shown `how’.

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