Student Entry Procedure

1. Purpose

Forsythes Training ( RTO Code 40737) is committed to ensuring their prospective students are academically capable to complete their study in the qualification of their choice.

The following procedure establishes pre-requisites and prior education , including language, literacy and numeracy requirements relating to courses that lead to Diploma qualifications

2. Scope

This policy is relevant to all Forsythes Training students and prospective students who are seeking enrolment in a Diploma and applying for VET Student Loans.

3. References

  • Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015, Standard 5
  • Higher Education Support Act, Clause 23B

4. Definitions

Entry Requirements – knowledge, skills or experience that must be demonstrated prior to entering a qualification

Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) outlines five core skills that are essential for individuals to participate effectively in our society. These skills are

  • Learning
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Oral Communication
  • Numeracy

Reasonable belief is a belief based on reasonable grounds

  • All known considerations are taken into account including matters of opinion and
  • those known considerations are objectively assessed

5. Responsibilities

The responsibility for implementing the requirements of this procedure rests with CEO.

Responsibility of overseeing this procedure is with Forsythes Training Compliance Manager.

6. Procedure

6.1 Forsythes Training considers students being academically suited to enter a course when:

  • a) Forsythes believe that the student is academically suited, and
  • b) Student satisfies entry requirements for the course set out in this procedure and in the nationally recognised training package, and
  • c) Student satisfies one of the following pre-requisites
    • i. Forsythes obtains a copy of senior secondary certificate of Education for the students completion of Year 12
    • ii. Student is assessed as displaying competence at or above exit level 3 in the ACSF in both reading and numeracy and Forsythes Training believes the student displays that competence

6.2 Pre-requisite requirements

Students must supply Forsythes with a copy of the senior secondary certificate of education by an agency or authority of a State or Territory for the student’s completion of year 12. A certified copy by an authorised person will be accepted.

For students not awarded a senior secondary certificate of Education or are unable to provide a copy, must demonstrate competence at or above exit level 3 through the Core Skills Profile for Adults (CSPA) testing.

6.3 Competence at exit level 3

Assessment process

  • Students will be provided with access to CSPA test
  • Students need to complete the CSPA test individually
  • Students will be allowed one attempt in a single sitting
  • Students may re-sit an LLN assessment three months after the original assessment. The time between assessments should be used to improve students’ LLN skills

Reporting assessment results

  • The CSPA test is marked automatically and students will receive their results following the assessment submission
  • Students who demonstrated competence as the Exit level 3 in ACSF will meet the pre-requisite requirements to enter the course of their choice
  • Forsythes may be required to submit results of the assessment to the department of Education upon the Department’s request

7. Records

The following records shall be collected/generated and retained for five years.

  • Copies of Senior Secondary Certificate of Education
  • Results of the CSPA assessment
  • Evidence of meeting the entry requirements prescribed by the nationally recognised Training Packages.
  • Copies of previous qualifications
  • Evidence of work experience , resume , job description , testimonials