Armed Robbery Awareness Program

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Element 1: What is an armed robbery?

  • Defining an armed robbery and reviewing statistical data in relation to armed robbery incidents in NSW

Element 2: Situational Awareness

  • Being pro-active in relation to suspicious behaviour in and around your workplace.
  • Keeping emergency contact numbers near phones eg OOO; local police
  • Know location of emergency exits and safe areas of the workplace
  • Keeping visible work areas tidy and clear of valuables
  • Awareness of cash handling procedures
  • Opening and closing of offices / walking to and from vehicles (personal security)

Element 3: Responding to an Armed Robbery

  • Apply the Code-A acronym

Element 4: Post Incident Response

  • Provision of 1st Aid if required
  • Contacting police and providing descriptions / information
  • Notify other emergency services if required
  • Security of crime scene / business (evidence)
  • Witness statements / integrity of witness statements
  • De-briefing and counselling
  • EAPs

Training would involve role plays to provide participants with an armed robbery scenario. (As discussed this would be done after notifying participants and ensuring all were OK to be involved)

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