Mining and Resources Courses

The mining sector is undergoing significant change and is subject to many regulatory provisions. Your workforce needs the latest skills, both in management and operations, to stay ahead of the game.

Our expert trainers have extensive experience in the mining resources sector. Their training is practical and relevant to the sector’s needs with role plays and other innovative training tools used to make training interesting and effective. We always customise our training to meet your specific needs, culture, policies and procedures. A range of flexible delivery options plus additional student support days and other free resources make it easy for your people to train and to fit in with your rostering and operational needs.

Whether you are training existing leaders, the leaders of tomorrow, getting supervisors to step up, or need to update your assessors skills, you can trust Forsythes Training to provide high quality training to meet your needs.


Learning From Disasters

Ensuring mine workers learn from past mining disasters

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ICAM Investigations Training

ICAM investigators are an asset for any organisation wanting to maximise learning from adverse events, to avoid reoccurrence, and to improve future resilience to hazards. This course introduces best practice in incident investigation and teaches practical skills for you to apply in your workplace.

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RIIRIS601D Establish and Maintain the Risk Management System

G3 Site Senior Executive course is an Advanced Diploma level course covering the skills and knowledge required to establish and maintain the risk management system in the resources and infrastructure industries.

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BSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management for Mines and Heavy Industry

The Certificate IV qualification reflects the role individuals who take the first line of management in a wide range of organisation and industry contexts.

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Accredited Coal Mining Competencies

Units of competency from the Resources and Infrastructure Industry Training Package include:

  • RIIRIS301D
  • RIIWHS301D
  • RIICOM301D
  • RIIRIS402D

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Associated Non-Technical Skills – ANTS

Our Associated Non-Technical Skills course teaches Supervisors/Managers to reinforce the associated non-technical skills required for effective leadership.

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NSW Maintenance of Competence Scheme – courses, workshops and training plans

The NSW Government has made changes to the maintenance of competence scheme which effects people in the industry who hold a practising certificate issued by the NSW Resources Regulator to exercise specific statutory functions.

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TAE40116 Units of competency for the mining sector

Forsythes Training provides TAE40116 skill set training across the country for the resource sector . The new qualification can still be used to provide Training and assessment capability in your workforce, plus an education/career pathway for your colleagues. Read our case study here , contact Forsythes Training to discuss how we can work together on a solution.

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What you need to know about the new mining sector maintenance of competence system

The NSW Government has made changes to the maintenance of competence scheme which effects people in the industry who hold a practising certificate issued by the NSW Resources Regulator to exercise specific statutory functions.

The new scheme has been designed in consultation with the Mining and Petroleum Competence Board.

The new accreditation system makes sense. It is about making sure people with these qualifications do ongoing professional development to retain their competence or skill level, much the same as accountants and other professionals. Things change in five years, and it is also about competence in non-technical as well as technical aspects.

What do the changes mean for people?

If you currently hold a certificate of competence, you will need to apply for a practising certificate. You’ll be invited to apply for your certificate at staged intervals. Once you hold a practising certificate you must undertake specified hours of recognised learning for areas of competence over the five-year validity period of your certificate.

6 key steps

  • Apply for a practising certificate.
  • Regulator issues your practising certificate and you start your maintenance of competence.
  • Complete professional learning requirements according to your certificate.
  • The certificate holder must record completed learning hours, topics covered and types of learning undertaken in a logbook and keep supporting evidence.
  • Regulator undertakes audits on compliance with scheme requirements.
  • Apply to renew your practising certificate with a declaration of learning every five years.

Learning requirements

The scheme sets out the specific learning you have to undertake in certain areas of competence, the types of recognised learning and the number of hours of learning for each type of practising certificate. There are strict rules on claimable hours.

You need to complete learning in five areas of competence.

  • Mining and Work Health & Safety (WHS) systems.
  • Legislation.
  • Emergency management.
  • Leadership and management.
  • General WHS topics.

It is your responsibility to be aware of the learning requirements required over the period of your practising certificate. For more information contact the Resources Regulator’s mining competence team via email or phone 4931 6625.
Forsythes Training has aligned all of its accredited programs to the new scheme. For the latest, quality training for the mining and resources sector call our expert team on 4922 0122 to discuss your needs