RIIRIS601D Establish and Maintain the Risk Management System

G3 Site Senior Executive course is an Advanced Diploma level course covering the skills and knowledge required to establish and maintain the risk management system in the resources and infrastructure industries.


Area of Learning — RIIRIS601D Establish and Maintain the Risk Management System


RIIRIS601D Establish and Maintain the Risk Management System unit of competency is a requirement for the role of Site Senior Executive and is also fundamental for persons who have a duty of care under the WHS Act.

  • Upon completion of the G3 course, students will be able to
  • interpret relevant compliance documentation
  • develop policy and objectives of the organisation’s commitment to risk management
  • define responsibilities for risk management
  • establish processes to support the system covering risk identification, assessment, monitoring and review
  • plan and facilitate the implementation of the system
  • audit risk management processes and ensure all risk management documentation is produced, processed and maintained.

Who Should Attend

G3 Site Senior Executive course is a requisite for roles on a mine site where the individual is responsible to establish a framework or maintain risk management processes such as Mine Manager, Safety Manager, Site Safety Representative, Open Cut Examiner or for management teams.

Mandatory Pre-course Requirements

To ensure the outcomes of this transition course meets AQF competency requirements, the trainer will review, discuss and have participants demonstrate their existing knowledge and understanding of risk and safety management processes throughout the three-day training program.

To adequately prepare for the program, participants are required to provide the following information to Forsythes Training at least one (1) week prior to course commencement. Failure to do so will mean that that individual participant is not eligible to attend or participate in the training.

  • A portfolio of evidence in electronic copy that includes / but is not limited to the examples listed in the checklist below.

Participants will be required to bring a laptop with remote/on-line access to the training program. This will assist to demonstrate ability to access and utilise company specific risk and safety management policies, standards procedures and processes as required throughout the program.

Pre-course Evidence Checklist

Competency Elements Participant Checklist
1. Plan and prepare to establish the framework for the risk management system a) Certified copy of RIIRIS402D (G2) or equivalent qualifications or other certified risk/ safety management training and experience;
b) An example of at least three (3) each of the requirements listed below:

  • Company or group level Sustainable Development/and or Risk Management related Policies and Standards
  • Site specific Safety and Risk Management Policy and procedures relevant to your area of responsibility;
  • Current risk or safety and health management plans relevant to your area/role
2. Establish processes to support the risk management system Provide at least three (3) examples from the list below of your direct involvement with:

  • Risk and safety communication and consultation with teams or individuals
  • Development, delivery or endorsement of training for those who have risk and / or safety and health responsibilities in their area of responsibility
  • Allocation or documentation of risk/safety responsibilities in job descriptions or duty statements etc for individuals or teams in a specific work area
  • Training / Competency Register for staff in your area of responsibility
3. Plan and facilitate the implementation of the risk management system Provide three(3) examples/pieces of evidence from the list below to demonstrate your direct involvement with

  • Development or review of a work area specific Job Safety Analysis (JSA/s);
  • Development or review of a Standard Work Instruction (SWI) or Standard Operating Procedure etc;
  • Participation in a formal risk assessment activity – such as a WRAC; OR
  • Participation in a major hazard analysis activity such as an ICAM, HAZOP or other event or root-cause analysis process
4. Audit the management processes Provide evidence to demonstrate recent experience with at least three (3) of the following audit and review activities:

  • Incident and hazard investigation and report
  • Development & use of pre-activity checklists
  • Facilitation and review of work environment inspections
  • Participation in a formal audit of a system or process
5. Completion of records and reports Remote/Online Access – to demonstrate your ability to access company and site specific Document / Information Management Systems – for example

  • Parts of the system applicable to your level of responsibility for the management, reporting and documentation of risk, safety and health management information and other work specific data.

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