Microsoft Word 2013 – VBA Programming

This course aims to increase your productivity by providing the skills and knowledge to use programming VBA code in Word 2013 effectively.


Area of Learning — Microsoft Word 2013 – VBA Programming


This course is designed for participants with little or no knowledge of the software.

Course outline

Lesson 1: Macros And VBA Code

  • Macro Overview
  • Recording A Simple Macro
  • Running A Macro
  • Assigning A Macro To A Toolbar
  • Examining Macro Code
  • Editing A Macro
  • Removing A Macro
  • Macros And VBA Code Quick Reference

Lesson 2: VBA Concepts

  • Overview Of VBA
  • Object-Oriented And Event-Driven
  • Overview Of Objects And The Object Model
  • Properties, Methods, Events
  • Projects And Modules
  • Procedures
  • The Documents Collection Object
  • Testing
  • Security
  • Deleting A Procedure
  • VBA Concepts Quick Reference

Lesson 3: Using The VB Editor

  • Overview Of The VB Editor
  • Opening And Closing The VB Editor
  • Working With The Project Explorer
  • Working With Code Modules
  • Working With The Properties Window
  • Running Programs From The VB Editor
  • Using VBA Help
  • Using The VB Editor Quick Reference

Lesson 4: Variables

  • Overview Of Variables
  • Overview Of Data Types
  • Explicit Declaration Of Variables
  • Scoping Variables
  • The Advantages Of Local Variables
  • The Advantages Of Private Variables
  • Passing Parameters
  • Passing Variables By Value
  • Working With Constants 10. Variables Quick Reference

Lesson 5: Functions

  • Overview Of Functions
  • Creating A Function
  • Calling Functions
  • The InputBox Function
  • Arguments
  • MsgBox Functions
  • Nesting Functions
  • Using Functions Within Function Procedures
  • Functions Quick Reference

Lesson 6: Decision Structures

  • Overview Of Decision Structures
  • The If Statement
  • IfThenElse
  • Multiple If 5. Select Case Statements
  • Case Or
  • Case To
  • Quick Reference

Lesson 7: Looping Structures

  • Overview Of Loops
  • Do Loops
  • For Loops
  • Adding An Exit To A Loop
  • Quick Reference

Lesson 8: Working With Text

  • Overview Of Working With text
  • The Selection Object
  • The Range Object
  • Object Variables
  • Inserting Text
  • Displaying Text In A TextBox
  • The Find Object 8. Quick Reference

Lesson 9: Document Management

  • Overview Of Document Management
  • The Activate Method
  • The Open Method
  • The Close Method
  • The Add method
  • The Save Method
  • The SaveAs Method
  • Getting Information 9. Working With Files, Folders And Drives
  • Handling Files Through A UserForm
  • The Application And Options Objects
  • Quick Reference

Lesson 10: UserForms And Controls

  • Overview Of UserForms And Controls
  • Design-Time And Run-Time
  • Creating A New UserForm
  • The Label Control And The TextBox Control
  • OptionButtons And Frames
  • ListBoxes And ComboBoxes
  • CommandButtons
  • Running A UserForm
  • Viewing The UserForm Code Module
  • Adjusting Control Properties
  • UserForms And Controls Quick Reference

Lesson 11: Programming A Form

  • Overview Of VBA Programs
  • Incorporating A UserForm
  • Displaying And Hiding The UserForm
  • Event Procedures
  • Internal Events
  • Calculations With Data
  • Event Handling
  • Data Entry
  • Forcing The Correct Entry
  • Attaching The Program To A Template
  • Auto Macros
  • Programming A Form Quick Reference

Lesson 12: Error Handling

  • Overview Of Errors
  • The On Error Statement
  • The Resume Statement
  • Decision Structures Within Error Handlers
  • The Err Object
  • Error Handling In Event Procedures
  • Custom Errors
  • Error Handling Quick Reference

Lesson 13: Built-In Dialogs

  • Overview Of Dialogs
  • The Execute Method
  • The Show Method
  • The Display Method
  • Working With Tabs
  • Built-in Dialogs Quick Reference.

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